More than just a Machine, a Partnership for Success 


We are a company dedicated to our customers and one important piece of our business is the commitment we have to find the best technological solutions to reduce cost and improve their production.  Every piece of equipment is engineered to meet our customer's quality specifications, using only well tested components and materials to withstand harsh industrial environments. With over 100 years of combined engineer experience, let us create a solution for you!


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SET is proud to be a preferred system integrator for Yaskawa (Motoman) and Fanuc Robotics, allowing us to offer our customers with advanced Robotic solutions for all their welding processes.

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Dedicated & flexible stations

SET has designed and built multiple stations for a wide variety of assembly applications.  Some involving fully automated processes to handle the product, to less complex solutions where the operator interacts closer with the equipment. 


Specialized Applications

sergers, packaging, cleaning, etc.

SET has encountered challenging and unique industrial applications where we have successfully provided our customers with unique turnkey custom systems.


Inspection Systems

vision, leak testing, torque, measuring, etc.

By conducting meticulous studies on each process during design, SET has developed specific solutions so our customers can guarantee the quality of their products before leaving their facility.



Based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, SET Automation is strategically located to serve the growing automotive and industrial manufacturing base in the Southeastern United States.